Dec 22, 2008

The Life and Times...

Today I started out ready to go. Meaning I was ready to pack and head for Nebraska. Then the day was gone. Yep it really felt like it happened that quick for me. I spent the whole day getting the truck ready and packing kids clothes. The kids were at aschool and the husband was at work. Just me and the baby which did not make things easier. But the chore was accomplished and in the AM we will be heading due southeast, to spend Christmas with the family we miss so much. I cant wait to get there and get settled in although I know it will seem like we just get reaquainted and will have to leave for Wyoming again. Geez what a short trip it will be. I dont know what will be worse the drive there or the drive back . The way there the kids will be anxious for there present and on the way back they will want to play with them and have to be told no because of the tight confinement of the truck. So the agony of telling them we will be there when we get there is going to be a challenge there and back as usual. Kids you got to love there inoccence and yet pull your hair out over it at times. Upon my return I will tell all of our ventures...Im sure it will be a story to remember.

Dec 19, 2008

The Homemaker

Some years ago the homemakers of America began to realize that to be a success, they must be more efficient. Her job has been defined as the inter-relation of the sociological, educational,recreational, industrial and economic activities of the home in such a way as to give the highest developement, comfort and satisfaction to all the family. To accomplish these, she needed more skills in order to obtain results with minimum use of time, energy and money. She needed health to help her to be her best self. She needed information concerning her family standards of living in order to achieve results. She needed to be sincere and develope poise, personal charm and the confidence of her family. All the above was offered thru her ability to learn more and develope skills thru her familys progress. The woman of the country have been doing this for years before her and will do it for years after she has gone. The early days of homemakers were beset by many difficulties, among them were the influence of influenze epidemic, and world war 1. Because of the war and the food situation there were lessons given on substitutes used for absent food. And one day a week they were asked to go without meat so as to ration the minimul quantities. With that said todays homemaker has her own set of trials and tribulations and we to shall overcome them as we see fit. We will provide for our family a safe and developed enviroment and we will ask them to give up the things that arent vital in order to teach them the skills needed to make it thru hard times and not so hard time throughout there life.

Dec 15, 2008

Purity Make-up Reveiw

I recently ordered a trial version of this product. I found it online and decided I would see for myself if it was really worth the price they are asking for it after the trial. (which is 59.99 monthly) So I went to the website for Purity Make-up and filled out there free trial form. I paid $1 plus $7.95 S&H for a total of &8.95. The form was simple and the process was simple (course that's what I expect when someone is getting my money). The trial was for 14 days and then they charge my account for the product unless I call and cancel. Pretty simple and to the point if you read the terms of service. They do not in anyway try to hide this point in there Terms I waited for my product I was eager to try it. However by the 6th day I still had not received my make-up. I called the Purity Make-Up company and let them know what my situation was and they extended my trial which was great customer support. I did receive the product the next day. When I got it I went in washed my face and immediately put on my Purity Make-Up The kit came with: -2colors of Purity Make-Up Mineral Foundation -1 Mineral All-Over Glow -1 Purity Mineral Finishing Powder -1 Foundation Brush -1 Radiance Brush -1 Concealer Brush -1 Make-up Bag -1 Purity Application Guide I followed the directions as per the Purity Application Guide. I was not thinking this would be very good for the coverage I needed. However I was surprised by the great light feeling of the make-up in conjunction with the coverage it did supply. I wore it throughout the day and was pleased with how well it stayed on my skin without the normal wearing off feature other brands of make-up can have. As far as the price verses the amount and quality of product.... I have to let you know the amount of product I was given for the price of $59.99 was a little disheartening. During my first application I used more than I thought I should have for the amount of product I was sent (was to be a 1 month supply). Maybe others don't wear make-up as much as I do. I like the product and the quality it provides But I do not think I will pay the high price for daily usage. Maybe keep it for more important occasions when I need to look more than my best. I do not regret trying this product and the customer service was outstanding Purity Mineral Make-up.Thank You

Dec 13, 2008


Well folks yes it is coming......Christmas. When all the turmoil of the year is blended together with family gatherings and food galour. Packing and driving and chaos of unbelievable proportions. Never a moments peace for two days of great family bliss. I myself will be traveling to Nebraska for the holiday season. We currently live in Wyoming and the drive of 8 grueling hours with three boys, two dogs and of course my hubby is anything but amusing to me. The unfortunate part of this whole ordeal is this year its not just family fun. Since we just moved here we must go back to Nebraska for the rest of our things during this vacation of sorts. And although we will be enjoying food, family, and fun. We also must load yet another trailer full of our stored possessions. In thought: I believe this to be the best choice ( since 8 hours is not a drive we do often)...but in heart I wish some magic being would present itself and make this chore done and out of the way so that we may have less to do during this Christmas season. However I know that is not something to hold my breath for and so I trudge onward. Now don't get me wrong I do indeed love going home. It is just the mere thought of packing and loading to get there only to pack and load while we are there and then again pack and load to come back to Wyoming. UUUGGGHHH!! On a more seasonable note Though I know our family will all be waiting there happily to greet us upon arrival (providing its not 3 am in the morning) And we will not regret the trip even with the above circumstances. Nana with her incredible Christmas decorations(inside and outside) and her food of scrumptious delight. Alicia and family with there endless laughter and fun loving ways. Grandma with her warm and loving heart. And Grandpa with his endearing smile and great wisdom. It will indeed be a Christmas to remember for adults and children alike. Children all nestled in there beds nice and tight(probably not) dreaming of adventures that happen through the night. We will wake up on Christmas morning to more chaos and full bellies that linger from the night before, hoping to look outside and see a white blanket on earths floor. The children will run to the tree, tripping over everything in sight. Tearing and destroying the packages with delight. Remember: When all is said and done nothing will seem to have changed, aside from the extra stuff to haul back and another memorable year to mark in our memories. With this in mind remember life is short and although you may dread a point in your year you should be glad you have loved one so dear.

Dec 10, 2008

Easy Crock Pot Chili!

First Let me tell you we moms never have time. And our familys expect miracles sometimes. My husband works long hours and he loves chili on a cold winter morning here in Wyoming. But im not the worlds greatest cook so he makes the chili and stews most of the time. When his hours increased I couldnt bear knowing he worked all the time and never got the things he wanted. This is something I got from lack of time remedies.

Easy Crock Pot Chili.

You will need:

1 large can pork and beans

2.5 lbs beef (browned and drained)

1 large can pinto beans(optional)

1 large can Vegetable or Tomatoe juice ( I use vegetable for the flavor)

1 large chopped onion

1 large can diced tomatoes


chili powder, pepper,salt,onion powder

I mix all these in crock pot and let simmer for an hour (or longer if you want but an hour is great. My husband has no idea its not the real take forever chili he makes and everyone is happy getting there chili once a week or so in the winter.

Dec 5, 2008

Getting kids into gardening!

Gardening can be super fun for the children and the adults. Hard work does pay off when you use some little mommy techniques. I did alot of gardening for my mom when I was young and the work was awful.

When I grew up I thought Id never put my kids thru that. Then two years ago I decided I wanted a garden. I wasnt gonna make my kids work in it though. That year I learned alot.

Amaze Them:

There are many things about children and the most thing I can think of is that they never seem to stop being amazed as long as you dont stop trying to amaze them.

I have great boys and one year in our garden we decided to write there names in the pumkins and see how they turned out. Much to my surprise they were great.

We decided to plant pumkins. Along with various other stuff but pumkins seemed to be our great triumph. The boys helped me plant the seeds and then I did the labor of getting them to sprout and loving them. They watched with no patience.

After about 2 months they were ready. I went out one morning and tried my art work then turned them over so it wouldnt be noticed till a later date.

As they grew I was eager to se the results. About 1 month later I discovered the pumpkins were ready. I was pleased with my results.

When they time was right I sent my boys out to harvest the pumkins and much to there surprise it was grown just for them. So from that monent on I have had help in my garden for the pure purpose of anticipation

Heres what you do:

After you have planted pumpkins and they are still green but big enough to write on, find a sharp object like a stick. On a green pumpkin write your child's name on it. When your pumpkins turns orange have your kids harvest the pumpkins and pay close attention to the names on each. The name you put on will now look like the pumpkin grew in your garden just for them...the engraving will look like part of the pumpkin.

Weightloss thoughts

Do you ever wonder what is making it so hard for some of us to lose weight? It is said to be proven that eating several times a day in small portions can really assist weight lose.

What diets do they have for those of us who have no appetite problem and still cant gain weight? This question has boggled my mind for years. I a desperate to lose weight and would like the answers But all anyone ever says is eat less, excercise ect ect. I have had my health checked and there is nothing wrong but yet to no evail even the doctors tell me to eat less. I only consume about 1000 calories a day. And yes Ive went back to one meal a day because eating more makes me fatter.

I want to know then why is it I gain. I count calories, take Acai herbs (rachel Ray Diet) , and if I eat more than once a day I gain ten pounds in a week No Joke! So tell me....waht are the choices we have here.

Weight lose choices Eating multiple times a day:

If a person eats more times a day it is to prevent the body from going into starvation mode. Meaning only eating once a day tells your body that it isnt getting enough to sustain all its needs and therefor everything you do eat the body stores. Thus you have the weight gain.

If a person has no appetite all those appetite surpressant remedies are to no evail to us. And eating several times a day is way way hard. This increased eating acan also lead these people to gain way more weight before they level out there body and lose anything. Gaining weight is by far the hardest part to endure if your on a weight lose mission.

Weight lose pills:

There are several of these out there also. Green tea, Slim Quick,Cleanse formulas, Lypotrim, Slim Fast, the list goes on. Then you have the one I currently use Acai . This like the other promise the same results and yet to no evail.

I ask you what pills have you used and did any truely help you lose your weight? Most of the high dollar pills have a cost that well outweighs the success of the product.

Best Bet Diet:

As far as remedies to MY weight problem there seems to be none. If you know otherswise then please let me know. I think it is true the old fashion way is the best way to get it done right. Hard work and lots a grueling exercise. There seems to be no other real choices left that truely work. And to be the biggest loser you must be the hardest worker.

Nov 27, 2008

Your way to money....

First I've decided to get this going on each of my blogs. I'm gonna list each and every free work from home opp I've found thus far. But i have do this over time. So today I start with Sites for writing.

Job Description: If you are a professional, skilled/experienced Translator, Editor and Interpreter, the company has opportunities available. Providing the company's various clients with translation, interpreting, editing, proofreading services.Contact: More information and how to apply: here

Job Description: Teach students (4th grade through college)by using video and voice technology. Subjects taught for 4-12 grades are Social Studies, Math, Language Arts, Science, SAT, ESL. Subjects taught for college students range from Accounting to Statistics.Contact: More information and how to apply: here

Job Description: This company provides public records services and works with an extensive network of contractors performing county record searches and retrievals. If you are interested in becoming a Record Researcher please visit this company at the page below. **Experienced record researchers only.Country: US Contact: Visit: here

Job Description: This leading provider of customer-focused market research offers Mystery Shopping assignments.Contact: Learn more about this company or register to Become A Shopper: here

Job Description: This virtual academy is a tuition-free public charter school that gives parents the curriculum, tools, and support they need to deliver a high-quality, well-rounded education to their children. Excellent opportunities for teachers to Must be certified in the state of Ohio with a preferred minimum of three years of teaching experience.
Location: Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Toledo areas (OH).
State: OHIO Contact: For further information, visit: here

Job Description: As globalization integrators, this company delivers products and supporting materials that cost less to localize, publish, support and update while guaranteeing quality and satisfaction. Opportunities for Translators with specific technical and industry experience. Work from home.Contact: View details and apply: here

Job Description: Opportunities for Insurance Field Representatives to conduct surveys of commercial and residential properties, gather rating, and underwrite information for use by insurers. Ongoing need at various locations around the country
Contact: For job details, visit: here

Job Description: Join a company that is recognized for their innovative approach to laboratory automation and implementation. Employment opportunties with this company are posted at their website. Positions posted require a high degree of competency and familiarity with advanced applications, laboratory operations, chemistry, and FDA requirements. Contact: Review employment information at: here

Job Description: Opportunities for those proficient in English and in another non-English language to provide translation services for various clients.Contact: To learn more, please visit this company on the web at: here Apply Online.

Job Description: The company has opportunities available for qualified, experienced Editors, Proofreaders, Translators.Contact: More details visit: here

Job Description: Will provide translation services for the company's various clients. Translating from English to many Asian languages and from Asian plus European languages to English.
Contact: For details visit: here

Job Description: If you are a freelance designer, illustrator, editor, proofreader or indexer with experience in publishing plus ability to meet deadlines, the company has opportunities available. Opportunities are also available for Manuscript Reviewers who have professional expertise with children & teens development of emotional, social, thinking and/or reasoning.Contact: More information and how to apply: here

Job Description: A leading provider of captioning services is currently seeking qualified Full or Part Time Captioners.Requirements: Must demonstrate ability to caption real time local news or events at a rate of 225wpm with an accuracy rating of 98.5%.Contact: Review complete details and qualifications at company website: here

Job Description: This comprehensive evaluation services company welcomes new Mystery Shoppers. Currently only looking for applicants that have completed mystery shopping certification.
Contact: To learn more and apply, please visit: here

Job Title: Internet Content Provider

Job Description: This company is interested in talented Cartoonists and Animators.
Contact: For complete submission guidelines please visit: here

Job Description: Opportunities for talented, experienced instructors to offer courses through this educational community. Earn a commission for each student that takes your course.
Contact: Visit: here

Job Description: Phone chat operators wanted for fantasy line. If you like to talk, then why not work in your own environment and comfort? If you like to talk you will love this.
WORK FROM HOME. Nationwide fun jobs great pay!! Telephone operators/ actresses, Flex hours. Looking for people that want to start today!
Requirements: Must be at least 18 years of age. Landline phone. Good voice.
Contact: Visit: here OR e-mail:

Job Description: This organization facilitates educational and cultural exchange experiences for young people from around the world. Home based opportunities for Community Representatives. Duties include finding host families, and providing orientations.
Contact: Complete details and a list of qualifications are available at this company's website at: here

Job Description: This real estate and relocation service offers Licensed Real Estate Agents superior sales training, corporate support, and the opportunity to work from home.
Contact: To learn more and apply, visit: here

Job Description: Freelance opportunities for Language Specialists with linguistic and technical skills.Contact: Qualified candidates may register with this company online at: here

Job Description: Will provide translation services for the company's clients in government, education, automotive, insurance, legal and high technology fields. Contact: More information and how to apply: here

Description: This notary and fingerprinting service has opportunities for notaries, finger printers, and/or loan signers, who would like to make some extra money. Before applying, please visit to learn more about the company: Contact: For details visit: here

Job Description: Opportunities for coding professionals to work from home. Full-time + Benefits. RHIA, RHIT, or CCS credentials and at least 2 years of experience.
Location: USA Contact: See details at: here

Job Description: Assist in developing new curriculum for medical office assistants. Must have 2 or more years experience in teaching with a curriculum that includes front office skills and/or medical office skills.Location: Must reside near Lititz, PA State: PA
Contact: More information and how to apply: hthere

Job Description: A reporting division is looking to increase their pool of experienced Proofreaders, Realtime Writer/Transcriptionists to assist in meeting reportings and legal reportings.
Location: USA
Contact: For details visit: here

Description: Opportunities for those with an excellent background in software localization and corporate finance, management, human resources translation
Contact: Visit: here

Job Description: Opportunity for Instructional Designer to improve job performance by designing and developing performance-based training and learning systems tools and techniques.
Requirements: FrameMaker and Microsoft Office Suite expertise with a minimum 5 years experience. Demonstrated experience with blended learning solutions, Web-based learning program development, and classroom instruction. Masters Level Degree in English, Journalism, Communications, or Instructional Design preferred, but not required.
Location: San Francisco Bay area
City: San Francisco
State: CA
Contact: Job details at: here

Job Description: Come work with a team of insurance marketing experts at Oxonia Insurance Group, Inc. where our goal is to help our clients and their families achieve peace of mind with their health coverage needs. Our Company is growing rapidly with multiple business strategies and a consistent track record of success. We have exciting career opportunities for those who want to help us grow by applying their talents and “can do" attitudes.
We are seeking an experienced Licensed Insurance Agent to join our Sales Department. In this challenging position, the Licensed Insurance Agent responsibilities will include the following:
Licensed to sell health and life insurance in the state of florida.
A minimum of 2 years of experience as a Health/Life Insurance Sales Agent with a proven track record in sales.
Ability to work under pressure.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Excellent organizational skills.
Superior sales telephone skills.
Proficiency in Word, Excel and Outlook.
2 years minimum sales experience
Salary Wage: We offer a comprehensive benefits package including: Salary competitive with the market. Health and Dental benefits. Generous paid time off and paid holidays. 401K. Long Term Disability. Life Insurance.
Contact: If you are driven to success and possess the above experience, skills and certification, please email your resume to:

Job Description: Company is seeking freelancers in the areas of web design, copywriting, and project management. Please review qualifications and instructions at the following company web address.Contact: Visit: here

Job Description: Excellent worldwide opportunities for professionals highly experienced in translating and interpreting.Contact: More information and instructions: here

Job Description: Opportunity for those with excellent customer service experience. Answer common questions, handle support & service tickets, and work with knowledge base
Requirements: Must have 2 years experience in customer service and be able to type 50 wpm. Spanish speakers are encouraged to apply.
Contact: For details visit: here

Job Description: Opportunities available for skilled Psychics, Readers, Astrologers, Clairvoyants and Dream Interpreters.Job Term: 25-30 hrs weekly.Salary Wage: paid per talk minute
Contact: Fir details and to apply visit: here

Job Description: Depending upon what subject(s) that you are fairly proficient in, when a student posts a question, it will be sent to all registered tutors with that particular category(ranging from Biology to Physics). If the student is satisfied with the answer to their question, then the student will have the option of buying your service. Various other factors are also involved.
Contact: More information and how to apply: here

Job Description: Experts will be paid for complete answers that require in-depth research. It is free to join. Pay will depend on the complexity of the request and area of expertise.
Contact: Review this offer and instructions at: here

Job Description: This company welcomes stamp artwork. There is a variety of themes and upcoming submission dates available for review at the following web address.
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Job Description: Excellent opportunities for experienced web designer, programmer, researchers and reliable translators. Please visit this company on the web to review essential duties and qualifications for each position. College students are welcome!
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Job Description: Company is always looking for qualified Translators & Interpreters. Currently looking for Interpreters in the following languages: Hindi, Chinese, Korean and Russian. Services range from Audio transcribing to Telephone interpreting for various industries.
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Job Description: Experienced translators: provide excellent translation services ranging from Software, Documents & Websites.Contact: Please visit: here

Job Description: Teach students ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade. Pre-Kindergaten will be taught reading. Elementary through High School students will be taught academic subjects and test preparation. Tutoring by grade:
Location: USA & Canada, Korea, Hong Kong & Qatar.
Contact: To learn more and apply for this position, please visit: here

Job Description: This company provides on-demand manufacturing to allow artists and creative individuals to sell their product designs direct to public. Become a contributor and each time someone buys a product you created, you will earn up to 17% of the sale.
Contact: To learn more and sign up, please visit: here

Job Description: This company is seeking a motivated Publicist and Public Relations Coordinator to join their virtual public relations firm. Must have excellent written and verbal skills, knowledge of media relations and a working home office.Contact: To learn more and apply, please visit: here

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Job Description: EARN EXTRAORDINARY MONEY, PART TIME! Your experience, creativity, and people skills Can translate into top earnings! Earn approx. $270 - $325 wkly (commission) working just 9-12 hours. Conduct fun fashion accessorizing shows Presenting Park Lane’s exquisite jewelry collection!
•No inventory investment. No delivery. No stock. No Quotas. No start-up fees!
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Requirements: Do you love beautiful jewelry and meeting wonderful people? Are you enthusiastic and energetic? This is the job for you! Contact: Send email to for more information.

Job Description: Use your subject-area expertise to make money helping people find relevant information without searching millions of websites on the internet Job Term: As neededContact: Please visit: Here

Job Description: AYUSA International is a non-profit high school foreign exchange student organization. We welcome teenagers from over 70 countries worldwide and provide host family placement and ongoing supervision for 5 and 10 month academic programs.
The Community Representative is a part-time position designed for people with a strong desire to do something rewarding in the community and earn some extra money to help supplement their income.Applicants best suited for this work should enjoy teenagers, have a strong interest in cross-cultural communication, and feel comfortable networking in the community. Basic responsibilities include recruiting and interviewing host families, providing ongoing to support to families and students and maintaining professional contact with local high schools. All applicants must be available during some evening and weekend hours. Full training and support provided.
Requirements: High School Diploma. Applicants best suited for this work should enjoy teenagers, have a strong interest in cross-cultural communication, and feel comfortable networking in the community. Basic responsibilities include recruiting and interviewing host families, providing ongoing to support to families and students and maintaining professional contact with local high schools Contact: Please apply to Whitney Fisher, 888-552-9872 or

Job Description: Will translate business contracts, computer security projects, office letters and brochures/advertising.Requirements: Must be an experienced translator in computer/technical and business/law. Job Term: Project work. Location: Worldwide. Contact: More information and how to apply: Here

Job Description: Provide telephone triage and health advice to callers across North America.
Requirements: Must have a current RN license in state of your residence and 3 years of recent experience in pediatrics, adult and clinical. 1+ years experience in telephone triage. Experience using triage software and computerized medical protocols/guidelines. Helpful to have knowledge with the Barton Schmitt/David Thompson guidelines. Strong communication/clinical assessment skills. Ability to handle 5-6 triage calls per hour. Computer literate. Helpful to be Bilingual (English/Spanish or other language).Location: USA Contact: Learn more and apply: here

Job Description: This company provides attorneys with case feedback from qualified jurors. Opportunities for qualified online jurors to review legal cases and supply feedback. Must be at least 18 years of age to participate.Location: US Contact: Review this offer at: here

Job Description: This live tutoring service invites tutors of all types to join. Tutors should be subject matter experts in their field of choice, and have tutoring experience. Registeration is free, and you set your own tutoring rates.Contact: To learn more and sign up: here

Job Description: Work with a company that specializes in online real estate marketing and virtual tours. Opportunities for free lance photographers to photograph home. Must have own equipment. Company requires external flash photography on all homes.Contact: For further details, please visit: here

Job Description: This company provides one-stop shopping for a variety of chapter and alumni services for Greek organizations across the nation. Communications Specialist will constantly draft, write and produce alumni newsletters and fundraising material for fraternity/sorority clients. Must have writing experience. Graphic design experience a plus. There will be limited travel within the United States.Contact: Please visit: here

Job Description: Excellent opportunity for a professional and talented Linguist. Assist with translation services ranging from Cultural Training to Workshops. Contact: Visit: here

Job Description: Opportunities for professions with experience/skills in any of the following: Writer/Content Manager, Senior Web Designer, Experienced Project Managers, SEO/Marketing Specialist, SEO Link Builder, and PPC Marketing Specialist. Contact: To learn more and apply, visit: here

Job Description: Tutoring opportunities in several academic subjects. A Bachlor's degree and some teaching experience are required.
Location: Worldwide Contact: Please review details at: here

Job Description: Get paid for tutoring students. Must be experienced and certified. Wide range of subjects available.Contact: Please visit: here

Job Description: This stock photography company welcomes new images. Submit photos and earn money every time one of your images is downloaded. Contact: For details and guidelines, visit: here

Job Description: This company offers individuals the opportunity to sell their own artwork, music, or creations, through their site for free. There are no upfront fees. Company manages shipping, payments, and customer service. Contact: This is a very unique and interesting opportunity for freelance artists of all kind! Please learn more at company website: here

Job Description: Local software company, seeks a Technical Support Specialist that is energetic and detail oriented with excellent communication skills to join its professional services team.
REQUIRED: Experienced in Transact-SQL.
Responsibilities & Duties:
Update software code and database records as appropriate.
Work closely with client service staff to resolve issues and provide technical answers and solutions to questions.
Identifying, troubleshooting and resolving live database systems issues.
Writing ad hoc SQL queries as needed.
SQL and stored procedures
Analytical approach to problem solving, with attention to detail.
Ability to cope with changing priorities and multiple assignments.
Excellent written and oral communications skills required, especially the ability to present complex concepts clearly.
Experience delivering dynamic web-based applications.
Contact: Respond to:

Description: Customer-1st currently has a onsite inspection available in Oakland, MD. This assignment is different then most in that the client will know you are coming, and you can take your question form with you. It takes about ten minutes to complete, and does require digital photos.
Requirements: Digital camera
Contact: If you are interested please fill out a free shopper registration form at here

Job Description: Marketing Company is seeking participants to view brand-new ads of products and services online. Reviewers will visit websites only. Registration is free, you could start work immediately. Please note that this is not a full time job. You participate when your schedule allows you to. You will be paid between $10-$100(depending on how many advertisements you review) Payments are made once a month.
1.Have full Internet Access
2.Read and understand English.
3.Able to commit at least 15-20 minutes a day for online viewing.
Contact: If you are interested in participating in the program, then please contact the email address given. Please place "Part-Time Media Reviewer" in the subject line. You will be contacted within 1-2 business days. Email:

Job Description: This market research company has a very good opportunity for Home Based Telephone Research Interviewer. Must have good command of English, type at least 30 wpm. A computer with high speed internet and a landline phone with headset are required.
Location: Canada ONLY.Contact: Please visit the following page to review this offer: here

Job Description: Get paid to submit accepted answers to users questions.

Contact: Learn more and sign up at: here

Job Description: The subjects to tutor students range (Elementary to High School) from Algebra to Writing/Grammar.Requirements: Must be certified.
Contact: To learn more and apply: here

Job Description: This company welcomes freelance writers to assist in the development of educational content for academic publishing. Must be experienced in writing or editing science, math or language content for grades 3 to 12. Contact: Interested candidates, please visit the following web address to learn more and apply: here

Job Description: Will write product reviews which will be approximately 400 words each. It can be reviews on appliances you own or not. Some of which is needed are: juicers, small kitchen appliances, toasters, ovens, washers, dryers, BBQ grills, garden tools, wheelchairs, massage chairs, electronic scooters, diabetic devices, electric blankets.Salary Wage: $6.00 per review.
Contact: Please email two samples of product reviews to:

Job Description: This interpretation and document translation services company has opportunities available language professionals with a college degree, excellent communication skills, fluency in native and acquired languages, and a flexible schedule. Must also be able to pass company's proficiency test. Contact: More information: here

Job Description: This Ohio-based organization provides students with a quality, online public education. Teachers assign online lessons and communicate daily with students and parents by e-mail, phone and through this company's secure computer system. Must have a Bachlor's Degree and an Valid State of Ohio Teaching License.

Location: Must live in the State of Ohio. State: OH Contact: Please see all requirements and instructions at: here

Job Description: Opportunities for Database helpers, programmers, and graphic designers to assist this company with the development and management of its site.

Location: Database Helpers - must reside in US & Canada. Programmers & Designers - must live in the area of Los Angeles, CA Country: US CA Contact: Review details: here

Job Description: An eJury (mock jury) provides attorneys the opportunity to try a case before it goes to trial in front of an actual jury. Interesting opportunity! There are no charges or costs for signing up to be an eJuror. For each verdict rendered, eJurors are paid $5 - $10 depending on the length of the case. Contact: To learn exactly how this process works, please visit this company at: here

Job Description: NAMI of South King County is hiring for 3 specific positions. There are several positions available in each of the three categories. Request an application via email to

Positions:FEF (Family, Extended-members & Family)Group Facilitator
Peer Group Facilitator
Information/Consumer Facilitator

Requirements: no requirements, however, the most qualified applicant will have some experience working with:
1. diverse populations
2. families/individuals
3. people suffering with acute and serious mental conditions
And have some experience:
1. facilitating small groups
2. presenting/teaching various subjects
3. organizing functions
Salary Wage: Pay is determined upon experience, commitment and by session.
Location: Kent, WA Contact: Please request an application via email to: Edward Cale, Office Volunteer, NAMI of South King County. Email:

Job Description: This translation company has opportunities for expert linguists with at least 3 years experience. Contact: To review position details and apply, visit: here

Job Description: Opportunities for experienced Medical Coders certified in CCS, RHIT, or RHIA (provide copies of transcripts from school). 3+ years experience, ability to code all record types, accurate, and fast
Requirements: Must pass the company's screening tests; comfortable encoding/abstracting
Job Term: Full or part time. Flexible hours.
Salary Wage: Competitive pay.
Contact: For details and to apply, visit: here

Job Description: Opportunities available for skilled photographers. Shoot subject images/portraits (Cyber-daters) that are relaxed, casual, inviting and friendly.
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Job Description: Will make calls to consumers about various services they have received, such as customer satisfaction with different companies and the services they provided, or their thoughts on new products, etc.Location: Florida, Tennessee and Texas (ONLY).Contact: More information and how to apply: here

Job Description: ESL SALES SPECIALIST in the Long Island and Queens, NY Territory. This position requires an individual who can plan, organize and implement selling strategies within the assigned territory to achieve established sales targets at K12, adult and higher education accounts with our ESL and Dictionary product lines.
Requirements: Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience with a relevant Master's degree preferred. 2+ years ESL experience. Some travel required.
Location: Must reside in the area of Long Island or Queens, NY
State: NY Contact: Please review additional details and qualifications at: here

Job Description: Will score college entrance exam essays for each addemic year. Subjects range from Math, Reading and K9 writing.
Requirements: Current teaching experience in either a high school or college is preferred (high school English to juniors and seniors). Must have a US citizenship, resident alien status or authority to work in the USA. Ability to score the students replies with the proper equipment (computer, ISP, telephone). Can not use shared computers for security reasons.
Location: USA Contact: Visit the following web address for details and application: here

Job Description: This company provides professional administrative, call center and telemarketing services worldwide. Opportunities for Virtual Office Professional to assist with research, bookkeeping, data management, and more. Must be experienced and willing to work shifts. Contact: Please carefully review job responsibilities and requirements at: here

Job Description: Joining the world leader in e-Learning. Part-time work starting from 10 to 15 dollars per hour. Flexible scheduling, and training provided. Applicant's native language must be English and Spanish is required.
Location: home-based, living in one of the following states: • Georgia • Pennsylvania • Maryland • Virginia • North Carolina • New Hampshire • Arizona State: GA, PA, MD, VA, NC, NH, AZ
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Nov 25, 2008

OK Heres what I have started doing.

I know that this is alot of info but hopefully Ive arranged the titles so that you can find what your looking for. I have started writing for a few more sites today. Dream alive, 451 press , Sasee, and Common ties. I will let you know how my submittions went and If they are hard or easy to get started for. I really like the common ties site because they seem like it is a starting point. As far as my previous post regarding foodiamoms and Type-a-moms Im still waiting for my ad sense account to get approved once I do I will let you all know how to get it going.

A story for life!!

As a mother of young children nothing should of been amazing to me, let alone embarrassing RIGHT? That's what I thought until one day last summer. We had decided to go on a boating expedition, our three boys my husband and myself. The day was beautiful and sunny as it should be mid summer in Nebraska. We had spent all day on that lake and decided to come on home. So we started to troll in to shore. On our way we passed a young girl who worked at the convenience store I worked at part time. She was not a very well raised child, very deceitful and not something to be proud of. If she were my daughter well....she wouldn't be the way she is. She knew I didn't tolerate the things she did nor did I approve. Not that I imagine she really cared. As we passed by her she sneered, after she about fell off her ski-do. I had to laugh at how much neck-breaking staring she was doing. But we just went on our way and didn't give her a second thought. After arriving to shore and loading up the boat and the children we headed home. It was about a half hour drive so we had the music on and we were enjoying a cool drink. The boys laid there heads down and I leaned on the door for the warmth of the sun on my face. When we arrived to the town before our own town we sat up and continued to drive thru town. We drove for about three blocks then it happened. Out of nowhere an officer pulled in behind us with his lights on. Me and my husband looked at each other in shock. It had been years since either one of us had been pulled over. Interested in what the officer would say we puled to the side of the rode. When the officer came to my husband at the drivers window, I was almost anxious to see what was wrong. When the officer told me I couldn't believe it. Someone in a vehicle similar to ours pulling a boat like ours had been reported drinking and driving. I laughed to myself because we had not drank in years (which is probably why we hadn't been pulled over in years..HaHa.). The officer proceeded to ask us to get out of the vehicle so he could search for alcohol (or signs of). We gladly complied with his wishes. As we were getting out my 5 year old proceeded to let the officer on the passenger side know the most shocking thing Id ever heard from him. He said:"Hi, I just want you to know we drank beer. But only one, my mom said we could because we were REALLY thirsty" The officer looked at me in disbelief. I couldn't even mutter a response, I was flabbergasted. Finally, I managed to let the officer know that my son was speaking of a ROOT beer not the real thing. He however didn't seem as amused as I was finally able to be about the whole situation. Anyway the allegations of us drinking were unfounded and when we started driving on our way again me and my husband pretty much have decided the young lady at the lake, deceitful as she is, made a phone call to put a damper on my day. However what she didn't know was she only added to a lifetime list of family stories to tell.

Nov 23, 2008

Moms write

Well wow here it is. I have been doing research this morning on ways to occupy my time and help others and so far I have found a place called This is a place I can share my thought on things to help others that i do on a daily basis and Maybe earn some extra cash. Its nice and easy.I also found a couple sites for moms to go do some more advice writing along with others things and get paid. These places are called And there sister site is called These site you can share your recipes and advice and youll recieve a share of the adsense revenue for your work. You also retain all rights to your work. Check them out its great.

Nov 18, 2008

Fill your time.

I have started another blog to help others find a way to make a little money or at least not get scamed check it out. MY BLOG But Im really not sure about this bloggin thing. I just feel like Im giving information to no one....are there people reading it. Its not like this Blog because I feel like Im journalling The other Blog I have plenty of information and experience but geez Does it make sence to anyone. Well lets hope so Because I haev to do something that has some kind of meaning. So far the things Ive been doing are pretty time comsuming So I have had to narrow it down to A few smaller things till I find something that pays bigger. Which is okay about the time I get the Blogs done and a little on my email the baby is ready to wake up. Traffic Exchanges They are enough to drive a woman MAD. So Ive been doing alot of FORUMS?CHATS You have to understand I have limited time with the baby and the house to keep together.

The opportunities I have tried.

Oh yes I said tried...that means I'm no longer doing these and Ill tell you why when I'm done. First off lets talk about the things Ive done that are scams. Then we will get to the opportunities I've done that didn't make me money but aren't necessarily scams. Then we will get to what I actively do now for income online.
OK SCAMS!!! Lets get them out of the way. I don't like talking of them really. LOL That's no surprise.
TeamGdiPro now there is no website URL I can give you because they are gone.
The owner Patrick ran off with alot of peoples money including mine. Now since there gone you are safe but the sad news is they were a team that promoted GDI.
And I want you all to know that Global Domains International And some people think that GDI is the Bad Scam ...but that is not the truth. GDI does make lots of people money, including me still. The team I'm referring to TeamGdiPro had a Global rotator and when we invested in this we earned a percentage of our GDI down lines monthly fees for the rotators and well ...that's the money Patrick took from alot of us.
OK now lets look at A.W. Surveys
Yes Its a Scam. They will never pay you and the people you here tell you they've been paid . Well I believe they have to pay once in a great while to keep getting sign ups. So they pay few and far between.

When I first stared I wanted to work at home...not really looking to own a business just type or do data entry no big deal. I paid for a few sites that I personally didn't think sold me what I believed they were selling. When a site says Make money here it shouldn't mean I'm gonna sell you a list of places you can go to and try to make money. And that's what I got at these sites.
not a bad site they do put all the places to get a writers job all in one place but you still have to sign up to these sites and get hired before you can try and make money. I paid $97 and cancelled they did return my money without hassle though.
Now this site was more disappointing and I'm still waiting for my refund LOL. They want you to place ads and pay for them that's the data entry part then the catch is...your ads got to get orders for you to get paid. They try to fool you by giving you free ebooks. But the truth is this is not what they advertise before you buy.
Now I must admit when I first saw this site after paying 50 dollars I was impressed until someone told me all this stuff I can find for free by search engine research. The time it takes to do this search is definitely cut more than in half with this site. But I still felt cheated when I realized they gave me info to get jobs somewhere instead of a job opportunity.

There is a long list and Im gonna add more of these types of sites as I go and I will cover sites that do work also tommorow.

Find what you need!