Dec 5, 2008

Getting kids into gardening!

Gardening can be super fun for the children and the adults. Hard work does pay off when you use some little mommy techniques. I did alot of gardening for my mom when I was young and the work was awful.

When I grew up I thought Id never put my kids thru that. Then two years ago I decided I wanted a garden. I wasnt gonna make my kids work in it though. That year I learned alot.

Amaze Them:

There are many things about children and the most thing I can think of is that they never seem to stop being amazed as long as you dont stop trying to amaze them.

I have great boys and one year in our garden we decided to write there names in the pumkins and see how they turned out. Much to my surprise they were great.

We decided to plant pumkins. Along with various other stuff but pumkins seemed to be our great triumph. The boys helped me plant the seeds and then I did the labor of getting them to sprout and loving them. They watched with no patience.

After about 2 months they were ready. I went out one morning and tried my art work then turned them over so it wouldnt be noticed till a later date.

As they grew I was eager to se the results. About 1 month later I discovered the pumpkins were ready. I was pleased with my results.

When they time was right I sent my boys out to harvest the pumkins and much to there surprise it was grown just for them. So from that monent on I have had help in my garden for the pure purpose of anticipation

Heres what you do:

After you have planted pumpkins and they are still green but big enough to write on, find a sharp object like a stick. On a green pumpkin write your child's name on it. When your pumpkins turns orange have your kids harvest the pumpkins and pay close attention to the names on each. The name you put on will now look like the pumpkin grew in your garden just for them...the engraving will look like part of the pumpkin.

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