Oct 28, 2008

New Beginnings!

Yes that's the starting point folks. You must be willing to make new beginnings. My name is Sherry Livingston I am an Stay at home mom and Internet marketer. Of what you may ask yourselves. Well let me tell you about journeys. I have had my fair share some of you have came with me and others have chose not to learn my lessons.
As for me I never will regret where i have been where I am nor where i will be in the near future. I have lost plenty of money yes I can not lie. I have gained money too. It is a give and take world and id like to walk you Thru what I have learned.
Nope I am not a guru...nor do i ever intend on being one. I have potential Guru friends and Have met a few billionaires in my time. But all I am and ever was looking for was a way to make a practical amount of money while being a stay at home mom of three beautiful boys. My husband of 9 yrs work long hard hours and id like to add to that end of our life.

How? Who? What? When? Well we will get there you will see. For now if you have things you want addressed let me know. at

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