Apr 26, 2009

What is this on my skin??

What is this and why does it attack me each year for last two years? Last year it was my legs this years its my arms. I use no lotion and have changed soap since last years incident with this so its not topical stuff i could be using. So tell me am I deseased????

Bubble time for one!

Dalton loves the playground

Bubble for two

The park on a Great summer day!!

Apr 23, 2009

Harness Buddy!!!

Dalton and his little Monkey on my back Harness Buddy...It makes him mad right now but I think its safer and hell get used to it.

Wanted to share some great opps with every one

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Apr 21, 2009


Austin and MUD...OMG!!

Austin and Caleb...Mud Jumping FUN!!!



Apr 18, 2009

Apr 13, 2009

If you have the heart the heart has you

There are so many thing to do when your moving and let me tell you it takes alot of ambition to get up every day of those two weeks in the beginning of a move knowing that all there is to do is run run run. On top of all the mommy duties you do already now there packing and keeping track of more important things besides the kids. We have been running non stop for two weeks and today I finally see light at the end of my tunnel. The husband is off to the new job the stuff is unpacked the things a organized he best to be for now and life might I say might slow down this week. I don't know how we all kept going...Between the packing the 10 hours drive 4 times to get it all here and the unpacking...OMG how did we survive not to mention getting the semi ready to go over the road when its been in the oil Fields for a year. There was so much mud in places you wouldn't think there could be Inside and out. But here we are at the end of a long and yet another long move and hope fully there isn't one in the very near future since this is our second BIG LONG move in the last year. My advice to anyone is If you have the heart you will surely endure...because your heart always has you. Stick together work it thru and makes the best out of any situation you ever find yourselves in even if it means moving away from everything you know...Because life is and always will be what you make of it.

Apr 3, 2009

Stareing at this for 10 hours not my idea of fun!

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