Dec 13, 2008


Well folks yes it is coming......Christmas. When all the turmoil of the year is blended together with family gatherings and food galour. Packing and driving and chaos of unbelievable proportions. Never a moments peace for two days of great family bliss. I myself will be traveling to Nebraska for the holiday season. We currently live in Wyoming and the drive of 8 grueling hours with three boys, two dogs and of course my hubby is anything but amusing to me. The unfortunate part of this whole ordeal is this year its not just family fun. Since we just moved here we must go back to Nebraska for the rest of our things during this vacation of sorts. And although we will be enjoying food, family, and fun. We also must load yet another trailer full of our stored possessions. In thought: I believe this to be the best choice ( since 8 hours is not a drive we do often)...but in heart I wish some magic being would present itself and make this chore done and out of the way so that we may have less to do during this Christmas season. However I know that is not something to hold my breath for and so I trudge onward. Now don't get me wrong I do indeed love going home. It is just the mere thought of packing and loading to get there only to pack and load while we are there and then again pack and load to come back to Wyoming. UUUGGGHHH!! On a more seasonable note Though I know our family will all be waiting there happily to greet us upon arrival (providing its not 3 am in the morning) And we will not regret the trip even with the above circumstances. Nana with her incredible Christmas decorations(inside and outside) and her food of scrumptious delight. Alicia and family with there endless laughter and fun loving ways. Grandma with her warm and loving heart. And Grandpa with his endearing smile and great wisdom. It will indeed be a Christmas to remember for adults and children alike. Children all nestled in there beds nice and tight(probably not) dreaming of adventures that happen through the night. We will wake up on Christmas morning to more chaos and full bellies that linger from the night before, hoping to look outside and see a white blanket on earths floor. The children will run to the tree, tripping over everything in sight. Tearing and destroying the packages with delight. Remember: When all is said and done nothing will seem to have changed, aside from the extra stuff to haul back and another memorable year to mark in our memories. With this in mind remember life is short and although you may dread a point in your year you should be glad you have loved one so dear.

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