Dec 15, 2008

Purity Make-up Reveiw

I recently ordered a trial version of this product. I found it online and decided I would see for myself if it was really worth the price they are asking for it after the trial. (which is 59.99 monthly) So I went to the website for Purity Make-up and filled out there free trial form. I paid $1 plus $7.95 S&H for a total of &8.95. The form was simple and the process was simple (course that's what I expect when someone is getting my money). The trial was for 14 days and then they charge my account for the product unless I call and cancel. Pretty simple and to the point if you read the terms of service. They do not in anyway try to hide this point in there Terms I waited for my product I was eager to try it. However by the 6th day I still had not received my make-up. I called the Purity Make-Up company and let them know what my situation was and they extended my trial which was great customer support. I did receive the product the next day. When I got it I went in washed my face and immediately put on my Purity Make-Up The kit came with: -2colors of Purity Make-Up Mineral Foundation -1 Mineral All-Over Glow -1 Purity Mineral Finishing Powder -1 Foundation Brush -1 Radiance Brush -1 Concealer Brush -1 Make-up Bag -1 Purity Application Guide I followed the directions as per the Purity Application Guide. I was not thinking this would be very good for the coverage I needed. However I was surprised by the great light feeling of the make-up in conjunction with the coverage it did supply. I wore it throughout the day and was pleased with how well it stayed on my skin without the normal wearing off feature other brands of make-up can have. As far as the price verses the amount and quality of product.... I have to let you know the amount of product I was given for the price of $59.99 was a little disheartening. During my first application I used more than I thought I should have for the amount of product I was sent (was to be a 1 month supply). Maybe others don't wear make-up as much as I do. I like the product and the quality it provides But I do not think I will pay the high price for daily usage. Maybe keep it for more important occasions when I need to look more than my best. I do not regret trying this product and the customer service was outstanding Purity Mineral Make-up.Thank You

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