Nov 18, 2008

Fill your time.

I have started another blog to help others find a way to make a little money or at least not get scamed check it out. MY BLOG But Im really not sure about this bloggin thing. I just feel like Im giving information to no one....are there people reading it. Its not like this Blog because I feel like Im journalling The other Blog I have plenty of information and experience but geez Does it make sence to anyone. Well lets hope so Because I haev to do something that has some kind of meaning. So far the things Ive been doing are pretty time comsuming So I have had to narrow it down to A few smaller things till I find something that pays bigger. Which is okay about the time I get the Blogs done and a little on my email the baby is ready to wake up. Traffic Exchanges They are enough to drive a woman MAD. So Ive been doing alot of FORUMS?CHATS You have to understand I have limited time with the baby and the house to keep together.

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