Nov 16, 2008

Staying at home

I can not tell you how many times ive heard of people making money at home. So i tried to put out flyers for my own home income. I was going to try and clean peoples houses. What a trip that will be. I have a 12 month old baby and I dont know how I was gonna manage. I stay at home day after day and what am I to do? Im bored and I hate cleaning...Funny huh! I get to stay at home and do nothing but cleaning so i decided to make money doing what I cant Wheres the irony in that. Let me make something clear I love my children as we all do. Up until 6mths ago i worked outside the home and loved that too. I am not sure i know how to be stay at home mom. Life has led me to this point and i know i need to be here and i love to watch them grow up But am I the only one who is bored?

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