Nov 16, 2008

So how do you find Something your interested in doing from home?

Ok well let me tell you its not very easy. But its not impossible especially if you have a little guidance. So first let me tell you you need to find out inside you what you want to do. What do you enjoy? Do you want to answer questions for people, research for others, write articles or books? Or are you looking for the actual business to run. You see on the internet I can point you in a either direction. Work at home or run your own internet business. What are you good at? what do you want in life? Do you want to make a paycheck or a salary?
Whatever it is you need to narrow it down and then begin your search in the internet world.
If you have questions you can always email me anytime at

Staying at home

I can not tell you how many times ive heard of people making money at home. So i tried to put out flyers for my own home income. I was going to try and clean peoples houses. What a trip that will be. I have a 12 month old baby and I dont know how I was gonna manage. I stay at home day after day and what am I to do? Im bored and I hate cleaning...Funny huh! I get to stay at home and do nothing but cleaning so i decided to make money doing what I cant Wheres the irony in that. Let me make something clear I love my children as we all do. Up until 6mths ago i worked outside the home and loved that too. I am not sure i know how to be stay at home mom. Life has led me to this point and i know i need to be here and i love to watch them grow up But am I the only one who is bored?

Find what you need!