Dec 19, 2008

The Homemaker

Some years ago the homemakers of America began to realize that to be a success, they must be more efficient. Her job has been defined as the inter-relation of the sociological, educational,recreational, industrial and economic activities of the home in such a way as to give the highest developement, comfort and satisfaction to all the family. To accomplish these, she needed more skills in order to obtain results with minimum use of time, energy and money. She needed health to help her to be her best self. She needed information concerning her family standards of living in order to achieve results. She needed to be sincere and develope poise, personal charm and the confidence of her family. All the above was offered thru her ability to learn more and develope skills thru her familys progress. The woman of the country have been doing this for years before her and will do it for years after she has gone. The early days of homemakers were beset by many difficulties, among them were the influence of influenze epidemic, and world war 1. Because of the war and the food situation there were lessons given on substitutes used for absent food. And one day a week they were asked to go without meat so as to ration the minimul quantities. With that said todays homemaker has her own set of trials and tribulations and we to shall overcome them as we see fit. We will provide for our family a safe and developed enviroment and we will ask them to give up the things that arent vital in order to teach them the skills needed to make it thru hard times and not so hard time throughout there life.

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