Feb 23, 2010

True or not True?? How do you choose!

Last friday 2-12-10 a 14 yr old boy was shot 6 times by his step dad. The boy was protecting his 2 yr old sister, in whom the step dad was atempting to rape. The young girl was not harmed, bc of that young mans courage & loyalty to his sister. The mom was at work during this time. The 14 yr old boy is now fighting for his life, and the doctors say he will not make it unless he has this life saveing surgery.

My text also says that forwarding this will get this boy his surgery. The telephone company will pay for it ect ect if its forwarded so many times. Now as you can see some of my readers find this to be a joke. But the truth is theres no proof thats its real or fake so how can you choose not to forward it in the meer simpe chance that is real and this boy vould truely exist in this situation and needs or help. If oyu can live with yourself knowing that it could be true and not forward it then more power to you...Me on the other hand I know there are thing like this that happen in the world and unless you can prove its fake im not willing to play with someone elses baby or life.

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