Jan 13, 2009

Great truths about life that little children have learned

Thought you might get laughs out of this one: 1: No matter how hard you try you cannot baptize a cat. 2: When your mom is mad at your dad, dont let her brush your hair. 3: If your sister hits you, dont hit her back.( they always catch the second person) 4: Never ask your 3 yr old brother to hold a tomatoe. 5: You cant trust dogs to watch your food. 6: Dont sneeze when someone is cutting your hair 7: Never hold a dust buster and cat at the same time. 8: You cant hide a peice of broccoli in a glass of milk. 9: Dont wear polka dot underwear under white shorts 10: The best place to be when your sad is grandpa's lap.

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