Nov 25, 2008

A story for life!!

As a mother of young children nothing should of been amazing to me, let alone embarrassing RIGHT? That's what I thought until one day last summer. We had decided to go on a boating expedition, our three boys my husband and myself. The day was beautiful and sunny as it should be mid summer in Nebraska. We had spent all day on that lake and decided to come on home. So we started to troll in to shore. On our way we passed a young girl who worked at the convenience store I worked at part time. She was not a very well raised child, very deceitful and not something to be proud of. If she were my daughter well....she wouldn't be the way she is. She knew I didn't tolerate the things she did nor did I approve. Not that I imagine she really cared. As we passed by her she sneered, after she about fell off her ski-do. I had to laugh at how much neck-breaking staring she was doing. But we just went on our way and didn't give her a second thought. After arriving to shore and loading up the boat and the children we headed home. It was about a half hour drive so we had the music on and we were enjoying a cool drink. The boys laid there heads down and I leaned on the door for the warmth of the sun on my face. When we arrived to the town before our own town we sat up and continued to drive thru town. We drove for about three blocks then it happened. Out of nowhere an officer pulled in behind us with his lights on. Me and my husband looked at each other in shock. It had been years since either one of us had been pulled over. Interested in what the officer would say we puled to the side of the rode. When the officer came to my husband at the drivers window, I was almost anxious to see what was wrong. When the officer told me I couldn't believe it. Someone in a vehicle similar to ours pulling a boat like ours had been reported drinking and driving. I laughed to myself because we had not drank in years (which is probably why we hadn't been pulled over in years..HaHa.). The officer proceeded to ask us to get out of the vehicle so he could search for alcohol (or signs of). We gladly complied with his wishes. As we were getting out my 5 year old proceeded to let the officer on the passenger side know the most shocking thing Id ever heard from him. He said:"Hi, I just want you to know we drank beer. But only one, my mom said we could because we were REALLY thirsty" The officer looked at me in disbelief. I couldn't even mutter a response, I was flabbergasted. Finally, I managed to let the officer know that my son was speaking of a ROOT beer not the real thing. He however didn't seem as amused as I was finally able to be about the whole situation. Anyway the allegations of us drinking were unfounded and when we started driving on our way again me and my husband pretty much have decided the young lady at the lake, deceitful as she is, made a phone call to put a damper on my day. However what she didn't know was she only added to a lifetime list of family stories to tell.

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