Dec 22, 2008

The Life and Times...

Today I started out ready to go. Meaning I was ready to pack and head for Nebraska. Then the day was gone. Yep it really felt like it happened that quick for me. I spent the whole day getting the truck ready and packing kids clothes. The kids were at aschool and the husband was at work. Just me and the baby which did not make things easier. But the chore was accomplished and in the AM we will be heading due southeast, to spend Christmas with the family we miss so much. I cant wait to get there and get settled in although I know it will seem like we just get reaquainted and will have to leave for Wyoming again. Geez what a short trip it will be. I dont know what will be worse the drive there or the drive back . The way there the kids will be anxious for there present and on the way back they will want to play with them and have to be told no because of the tight confinement of the truck. So the agony of telling them we will be there when we get there is going to be a challenge there and back as usual. Kids you got to love there inoccence and yet pull your hair out over it at times. Upon my return I will tell all of our ventures...Im sure it will be a story to remember.

Dec 19, 2008

The Homemaker

Some years ago the homemakers of America began to realize that to be a success, they must be more efficient. Her job has been defined as the inter-relation of the sociological, educational,recreational, industrial and economic activities of the home in such a way as to give the highest developement, comfort and satisfaction to all the family. To accomplish these, she needed more skills in order to obtain results with minimum use of time, energy and money. She needed health to help her to be her best self. She needed information concerning her family standards of living in order to achieve results. She needed to be sincere and develope poise, personal charm and the confidence of her family. All the above was offered thru her ability to learn more and develope skills thru her familys progress. The woman of the country have been doing this for years before her and will do it for years after she has gone. The early days of homemakers were beset by many difficulties, among them were the influence of influenze epidemic, and world war 1. Because of the war and the food situation there were lessons given on substitutes used for absent food. And one day a week they were asked to go without meat so as to ration the minimul quantities. With that said todays homemaker has her own set of trials and tribulations and we to shall overcome them as we see fit. We will provide for our family a safe and developed enviroment and we will ask them to give up the things that arent vital in order to teach them the skills needed to make it thru hard times and not so hard time throughout there life.

Dec 15, 2008

Purity Make-up Reveiw

I recently ordered a trial version of this product. I found it online and decided I would see for myself if it was really worth the price they are asking for it after the trial. (which is 59.99 monthly) So I went to the website for Purity Make-up and filled out there free trial form. I paid $1 plus $7.95 S&H for a total of &8.95. The form was simple and the process was simple (course that's what I expect when someone is getting my money). The trial was for 14 days and then they charge my account for the product unless I call and cancel. Pretty simple and to the point if you read the terms of service. They do not in anyway try to hide this point in there Terms I waited for my product I was eager to try it. However by the 6th day I still had not received my make-up. I called the Purity Make-Up company and let them know what my situation was and they extended my trial which was great customer support. I did receive the product the next day. When I got it I went in washed my face and immediately put on my Purity Make-Up The kit came with: -2colors of Purity Make-Up Mineral Foundation -1 Mineral All-Over Glow -1 Purity Mineral Finishing Powder -1 Foundation Brush -1 Radiance Brush -1 Concealer Brush -1 Make-up Bag -1 Purity Application Guide I followed the directions as per the Purity Application Guide. I was not thinking this would be very good for the coverage I needed. However I was surprised by the great light feeling of the make-up in conjunction with the coverage it did supply. I wore it throughout the day and was pleased with how well it stayed on my skin without the normal wearing off feature other brands of make-up can have. As far as the price verses the amount and quality of product.... I have to let you know the amount of product I was given for the price of $59.99 was a little disheartening. During my first application I used more than I thought I should have for the amount of product I was sent (was to be a 1 month supply). Maybe others don't wear make-up as much as I do. I like the product and the quality it provides But I do not think I will pay the high price for daily usage. Maybe keep it for more important occasions when I need to look more than my best. I do not regret trying this product and the customer service was outstanding Purity Mineral Make-up.Thank You

Dec 13, 2008


Well folks yes it is coming......Christmas. When all the turmoil of the year is blended together with family gatherings and food galour. Packing and driving and chaos of unbelievable proportions. Never a moments peace for two days of great family bliss. I myself will be traveling to Nebraska for the holiday season. We currently live in Wyoming and the drive of 8 grueling hours with three boys, two dogs and of course my hubby is anything but amusing to me. The unfortunate part of this whole ordeal is this year its not just family fun. Since we just moved here we must go back to Nebraska for the rest of our things during this vacation of sorts. And although we will be enjoying food, family, and fun. We also must load yet another trailer full of our stored possessions. In thought: I believe this to be the best choice ( since 8 hours is not a drive we do often)...but in heart I wish some magic being would present itself and make this chore done and out of the way so that we may have less to do during this Christmas season. However I know that is not something to hold my breath for and so I trudge onward. Now don't get me wrong I do indeed love going home. It is just the mere thought of packing and loading to get there only to pack and load while we are there and then again pack and load to come back to Wyoming. UUUGGGHHH!! On a more seasonable note Though I know our family will all be waiting there happily to greet us upon arrival (providing its not 3 am in the morning) And we will not regret the trip even with the above circumstances. Nana with her incredible Christmas decorations(inside and outside) and her food of scrumptious delight. Alicia and family with there endless laughter and fun loving ways. Grandma with her warm and loving heart. And Grandpa with his endearing smile and great wisdom. It will indeed be a Christmas to remember for adults and children alike. Children all nestled in there beds nice and tight(probably not) dreaming of adventures that happen through the night. We will wake up on Christmas morning to more chaos and full bellies that linger from the night before, hoping to look outside and see a white blanket on earths floor. The children will run to the tree, tripping over everything in sight. Tearing and destroying the packages with delight. Remember: When all is said and done nothing will seem to have changed, aside from the extra stuff to haul back and another memorable year to mark in our memories. With this in mind remember life is short and although you may dread a point in your year you should be glad you have loved one so dear.

Dec 10, 2008

Easy Crock Pot Chili!

First Let me tell you we moms never have time. And our familys expect miracles sometimes. My husband works long hours and he loves chili on a cold winter morning here in Wyoming. But im not the worlds greatest cook so he makes the chili and stews most of the time. When his hours increased I couldnt bear knowing he worked all the time and never got the things he wanted. This is something I got from lack of time remedies.

Easy Crock Pot Chili.

You will need:

1 large can pork and beans

2.5 lbs beef (browned and drained)

1 large can pinto beans(optional)

1 large can Vegetable or Tomatoe juice ( I use vegetable for the flavor)

1 large chopped onion

1 large can diced tomatoes


chili powder, pepper,salt,onion powder

I mix all these in crock pot and let simmer for an hour (or longer if you want but an hour is great. My husband has no idea its not the real take forever chili he makes and everyone is happy getting there chili once a week or so in the winter.

Dec 5, 2008

Getting kids into gardening!

Gardening can be super fun for the children and the adults. Hard work does pay off when you use some little mommy techniques. I did alot of gardening for my mom when I was young and the work was awful.

When I grew up I thought Id never put my kids thru that. Then two years ago I decided I wanted a garden. I wasnt gonna make my kids work in it though. That year I learned alot.

Amaze Them:

There are many things about children and the most thing I can think of is that they never seem to stop being amazed as long as you dont stop trying to amaze them.

I have great boys and one year in our garden we decided to write there names in the pumkins and see how they turned out. Much to my surprise they were great.

We decided to plant pumkins. Along with various other stuff but pumkins seemed to be our great triumph. The boys helped me plant the seeds and then I did the labor of getting them to sprout and loving them. They watched with no patience.

After about 2 months they were ready. I went out one morning and tried my art work then turned them over so it wouldnt be noticed till a later date.

As they grew I was eager to se the results. About 1 month later I discovered the pumpkins were ready. I was pleased with my results.

When they time was right I sent my boys out to harvest the pumkins and much to there surprise it was grown just for them. So from that monent on I have had help in my garden for the pure purpose of anticipation

Heres what you do:

After you have planted pumpkins and they are still green but big enough to write on, find a sharp object like a stick. On a green pumpkin write your child's name on it. When your pumpkins turns orange have your kids harvest the pumpkins and pay close attention to the names on each. The name you put on will now look like the pumpkin grew in your garden just for them...the engraving will look like part of the pumpkin.

Weightloss thoughts

Do you ever wonder what is making it so hard for some of us to lose weight? It is said to be proven that eating several times a day in small portions can really assist weight lose.

What diets do they have for those of us who have no appetite problem and still cant gain weight? This question has boggled my mind for years. I a desperate to lose weight and would like the answers But all anyone ever says is eat less, excercise ect ect. I have had my health checked and there is nothing wrong but yet to no evail even the doctors tell me to eat less. I only consume about 1000 calories a day. And yes Ive went back to one meal a day because eating more makes me fatter.

I want to know then why is it I gain. I count calories, take Acai herbs (rachel Ray Diet) , and if I eat more than once a day I gain ten pounds in a week No Joke! So tell me....waht are the choices we have here.

Weight lose choices Eating multiple times a day:

If a person eats more times a day it is to prevent the body from going into starvation mode. Meaning only eating once a day tells your body that it isnt getting enough to sustain all its needs and therefor everything you do eat the body stores. Thus you have the weight gain.

If a person has no appetite all those appetite surpressant remedies are to no evail to us. And eating several times a day is way way hard. This increased eating acan also lead these people to gain way more weight before they level out there body and lose anything. Gaining weight is by far the hardest part to endure if your on a weight lose mission.

Weight lose pills:

There are several of these out there also. Green tea, Slim Quick,Cleanse formulas, Lypotrim, Slim Fast, the list goes on. Then you have the one I currently use Acai . This like the other promise the same results and yet to no evail.

I ask you what pills have you used and did any truely help you lose your weight? Most of the high dollar pills have a cost that well outweighs the success of the product.

Best Bet Diet:

As far as remedies to MY weight problem there seems to be none. If you know otherswise then please let me know. I think it is true the old fashion way is the best way to get it done right. Hard work and lots a grueling exercise. There seems to be no other real choices left that truely work. And to be the biggest loser you must be the hardest worker.

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