Nov 17, 2008

Busy Life.

WOW! Today, a full day. Went to town after I went to the school for my oldest sons IEP (individual Educational Program) My oldest has Bipolar, he is 12 yrs old, and he can be a handful at school. So I went in to set up a plan to help control his enviroment. We basically seclude him within the class room so that he can concentrate (per his request) However the schools don't always like to work with us, so I get it in writing and its like magic. LOL Pretty bad we have to have that stuff in writing in our education system but it is what it is. Any way when I was finished with that I decided to go to town for groceries I live about 40 miles from the nearest walmart so a road trip is what it became. My infant usually falls asleep on the way so I can relax RIGHT?? No not today...the deer and antelope were literally lining the highway. Like they usually do this time of year. And I was a little on edge which caused the baby to take no naps. The store wasn't much better and 138.00 dollars later I was done with today's shopping at walmart. But then i just couldn't pass up the thrift store because my hubby just bought a semi-truck and he needed sheets and I save money anywhere I can. Plus the kids needed new ones also. See we moved here in August of 2008 and half our stuff is still in Nebraska and well of course in that half was my sheets and other various important things I don't like living without. But its an 8 hour drive there and I cant afford to take the time to go right now with my husbands new truck and all so I have to improvise. When I finally do get back home its haul in the groceries, let out the dogs, change a diaper, answer the phone (my husband needs phone number I get for him),lay baby down for the nap he didn't take on the way to town and then put away groceries. We would hope that was the end of the day but no no no of course not. Now its time for the youngest to come home and he has a blue sheet which means he hasnt listened in school today and has 6 sheets of homework because he talks instead of getting his work done. There goes my night. He is a great 6 year old, loving and playful but I just cant seem to get him to understand that theres a time and a place. We have been fighting his crud in school for the past two years I hope it stops soon. So Now that I know what my night entails I suppose I better get started with it since it will be long..and my oldest son and my husband aren't even home yet...YUGH!!!

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