Dec 22, 2008

The Life and Times...

Today I started out ready to go. Meaning I was ready to pack and head for Nebraska. Then the day was gone. Yep it really felt like it happened that quick for me. I spent the whole day getting the truck ready and packing kids clothes. The kids were at aschool and the husband was at work. Just me and the baby which did not make things easier. But the chore was accomplished and in the AM we will be heading due southeast, to spend Christmas with the family we miss so much. I cant wait to get there and get settled in although I know it will seem like we just get reaquainted and will have to leave for Wyoming again. Geez what a short trip it will be. I dont know what will be worse the drive there or the drive back . The way there the kids will be anxious for there present and on the way back they will want to play with them and have to be told no because of the tight confinement of the truck. So the agony of telling them we will be there when we get there is going to be a challenge there and back as usual. Kids you got to love there inoccence and yet pull your hair out over it at times. Upon my return I will tell all of our ventures...Im sure it will be a story to remember.

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