Nov 18, 2008

The opportunities I have tried.

Oh yes I said tried...that means I'm no longer doing these and Ill tell you why when I'm done. First off lets talk about the things Ive done that are scams. Then we will get to the opportunities I've done that didn't make me money but aren't necessarily scams. Then we will get to what I actively do now for income online.
OK SCAMS!!! Lets get them out of the way. I don't like talking of them really. LOL That's no surprise.
TeamGdiPro now there is no website URL I can give you because they are gone.
The owner Patrick ran off with alot of peoples money including mine. Now since there gone you are safe but the sad news is they were a team that promoted GDI.
And I want you all to know that Global Domains International And some people think that GDI is the Bad Scam ...but that is not the truth. GDI does make lots of people money, including me still. The team I'm referring to TeamGdiPro had a Global rotator and when we invested in this we earned a percentage of our GDI down lines monthly fees for the rotators and well ...that's the money Patrick took from alot of us.
OK now lets look at A.W. Surveys
Yes Its a Scam. They will never pay you and the people you here tell you they've been paid . Well I believe they have to pay once in a great while to keep getting sign ups. So they pay few and far between.

When I first stared I wanted to work at home...not really looking to own a business just type or do data entry no big deal. I paid for a few sites that I personally didn't think sold me what I believed they were selling. When a site says Make money here it shouldn't mean I'm gonna sell you a list of places you can go to and try to make money. And that's what I got at these sites.
not a bad site they do put all the places to get a writers job all in one place but you still have to sign up to these sites and get hired before you can try and make money. I paid $97 and cancelled they did return my money without hassle though.
Now this site was more disappointing and I'm still waiting for my refund LOL. They want you to place ads and pay for them that's the data entry part then the catch is...your ads got to get orders for you to get paid. They try to fool you by giving you free ebooks. But the truth is this is not what they advertise before you buy.
Now I must admit when I first saw this site after paying 50 dollars I was impressed until someone told me all this stuff I can find for free by search engine research. The time it takes to do this search is definitely cut more than in half with this site. But I still felt cheated when I realized they gave me info to get jobs somewhere instead of a job opportunity.

There is a long list and Im gonna add more of these types of sites as I go and I will cover sites that do work also tommorow.

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