Dec 5, 2008

Weightloss thoughts

Do you ever wonder what is making it so hard for some of us to lose weight? It is said to be proven that eating several times a day in small portions can really assist weight lose.

What diets do they have for those of us who have no appetite problem and still cant gain weight? This question has boggled my mind for years. I a desperate to lose weight and would like the answers But all anyone ever says is eat less, excercise ect ect. I have had my health checked and there is nothing wrong but yet to no evail even the doctors tell me to eat less. I only consume about 1000 calories a day. And yes Ive went back to one meal a day because eating more makes me fatter.

I want to know then why is it I gain. I count calories, take Acai herbs (rachel Ray Diet) , and if I eat more than once a day I gain ten pounds in a week No Joke! So tell me....waht are the choices we have here.

Weight lose choices Eating multiple times a day:

If a person eats more times a day it is to prevent the body from going into starvation mode. Meaning only eating once a day tells your body that it isnt getting enough to sustain all its needs and therefor everything you do eat the body stores. Thus you have the weight gain.

If a person has no appetite all those appetite surpressant remedies are to no evail to us. And eating several times a day is way way hard. This increased eating acan also lead these people to gain way more weight before they level out there body and lose anything. Gaining weight is by far the hardest part to endure if your on a weight lose mission.

Weight lose pills:

There are several of these out there also. Green tea, Slim Quick,Cleanse formulas, Lypotrim, Slim Fast, the list goes on. Then you have the one I currently use Acai . This like the other promise the same results and yet to no evail.

I ask you what pills have you used and did any truely help you lose your weight? Most of the high dollar pills have a cost that well outweighs the success of the product.

Best Bet Diet:

As far as remedies to MY weight problem there seems to be none. If you know otherswise then please let me know. I think it is true the old fashion way is the best way to get it done right. Hard work and lots a grueling exercise. There seems to be no other real choices left that truely work. And to be the biggest loser you must be the hardest worker.

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