Feb 11, 2009

Fresh Begginings!!!

My son Austin..hes six and keeps me on my toes. He is audacious, funny, exciting, spontaneous. I love him for so many reasons. One being he never stops amazing me. The day he started kindergarten he was super excited and wanted to go without me so bad...THAT BROKE MY HEART...But I let him for the sheer importance of individuality. You have to let them grow..there is no question to that. So off to school he went and lo and behold 2 seconds after he went in the teacher came out getting my attention because Austin said "I need LOVE before I can learn anything." One year later...He now tells everyone he is too big for love and he is the superbest, strongest guy around just like his dad...If your watching close you ll see him convincing himself of this throughout the day as well. He has this new thing about going number 2 in his pants and I cant get him to stop. Ive tried everything and finally have decided to add a Super supper night. If he goes a week without GOING IN HIS PANTS he gets to make supper. Up till now we have done the 'clean your own mess up' ' Have to go home instead of going out to eat kind of thing'...and other various stuff to detour him from messing his pants. Hoping this one works!

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