Feb 14, 2009

Valentines Smalentines

Maybe I'm over reacting...But Its Just Another Day is a phrase I could live without never hearing again. WHY!? My all loving and wonderful husband says it everytime a holiday arrives. And I truly mean all loving husband. He takes such great care f us all and works every day with hardly no day off at all so that we can be happy and I can be a stay at home mom for our three boys. So Really i probably have no room to complain. Is it wrong thou to want some kind of indication of appreciation on these holidays(Valentines,Christmas,birthdays,mothers day, Anniversary) When we first got to gather he never missed a beat the first year, Brought me things at work or at least got me something even the littlest thing is nice to me. Now the last 8 years I have received one Christmas present(my dolphin mirrors, they are beautiful) One Easter gift (tweety in a basket, I loved It) And I think a happy birthday or maybe two. I don't like to complain because I know he gives all of his heart tot his family but why do I feel a little broken hearted each time I hear "its just another day" I always get our family things for each holiday and I don't really expect anything in return But secretly I hope for a little piece of romance,love,thought that was meant just for me. But I know it doesnt happen and it wont because thats just how it is for me...I really shouldnt complian I know others who have it alot worse than I do. So hears to Just Another Day and Happy Valentines to the rest of you..I hope love finds you Full of life.

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