Jan 1, 2009

Another Christmas Here and gone.

With the trip I took I brought back some great adventures. Before we left as I told you all the semi truck radiator went out and well it took a week to get that part in. So while we were in Mccook,Nebraska it was being shipped to us here in Wyoming. It was off to nebraska after an agonizing wait to get out the door as my husband always seems to take longer than Id like him to to get on the road. He is a thinking man and has to think of it all before we can go. Granite it has saved us alot of times but GOD it drives me crazy. But thats another story. Once on the road the trip there went smooth no road problems no weather problems. It was nice and relaxing overall. Upon our arrival it was dark and time for bed But the next day was a different story. We had to rush to Walmart once to get the rest of the groceries for the dinner that was great Nana and Myself enjoyed the peace of the children being with Rick. Then when that was finished me and my husband had to return to Walmart to do almost 100 percent of our Christmas shopping (because I procrastinate and my husband works to much) When your husband hates shopping and you like to put some time into this once a year adventure trust me I would of liked to tied him into the cart and duck taped his inpatient mouth shut. But I can only dream...hes bigger than me. Once the shopping was done it was a slower race to get the wrapping and cooking done for the guest list of 25 the next day (we got there tuesday, shopped wednesday, ate thursday) Then that was it Christmas was over just like that. The rest of our time in Nebraska was spent loading the trailer and doing odd jobs for the family we miss and love so much. I should say my husband did the odd jobs because I guess hes the chosen one ...I mostly run the kids around and corral the adults. If you can imagine a clan of people that are so entirely different yet entirely the same in so many ways you could envision my Christmas vacation. The perverts and the noverts and the insanely normal all under one roof. On the last day so it seems that sir newton was correct when he stated that what goes up must come down...Because on the day we were gonna head home lo and behold the pick up truck broke down and can you imagine what was broke...RADIATOR! My husband has a sort of karma about this crap. When one breaks it all breaks. That set us back a day only to order the part form Advance Auto Parts and wait three hours in North Platte, Nebraska for there truck to get in and find out they never ordered the part in the first place. Yeah WHAT great customer service. We were lucky enough to find the radiator at another store however it would of saved alot of time if the peeps at the advanced auto part would have just said "we arent ordering your part today so dont bother counting on us" But as is life. We did however get the part in the truck in the parking lot of Carquest and get on our way. Then aside form the hihg winds and the trailer load on the back we made it home in pretty good time.

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