Mar 4, 2009

Why oh Why

I have been searching the Internet lately trying to find my niche and as some of you may know I cant seem to discover it. I have been weighed down with business taxes and sick kids forever and have lost some time in my search. But I think I might of found it...I like to advertise for others and help them out. So that's one of the things Ive decided to do with this blog and I have another one I'm writing reviews for anyone who inquires them to be wrote about there business or niche. The fees will be cheap and vary depending on what you want wrote. Now I have decided to build websites for you all too...I f your interested let me know I do have examples I will post one here for now till I get a bit more organized then you will see more that I have built. I hope this helps others as well as myself. As many of you know I was on the leader boards with GDI and still love GDI.... I will recommend it to you if you don't already have a website host of your own before I build you one...But I will build on any site you wish. I have grown tired of the same old scams and fake money makers on this World Wide Web and will no longer lead other to the dark side of those So called opps.... I will continue to work with ASN because it has potential and I think it cures my shopping But my main goals will be to get my business on its feet. So here's the first example of a simple website Ive built and I will have more posted soon Pure Water Systems Please If you think I got SKILZ...LOL...Pass me around to your friends.

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