Mar 5, 2009

Health Insurance??????

Cinergy Health seems to do as much advertising these days as Billy Mays. No, they don’t pitch OxiClean or Mighty Putty, but Cinergy does heavily market their medical plans. Are they worth it? In most cases…No! In fact, unless you thoroughly read the fine print of your policy, you may be in for a jolt! Available Cinergy Plans Cinergy offers two types of plans. “Cinergy Health Signature” is their discount health plan and “Cinergy Health Preferred” is their insurance plan. Both plans offer far less coverage than a conventional Ohio health insurance policy from a major insurer…such as Blue Cross, Aetna or UnitedHealthCare. “Cinergy Health Signature” is NOT a health insurance policy. It may help you reduce some of your healthcare costs, but not necessarily a significant amount. Coverage benefits are very vague and the premium for a single person is almost $1000 per year. And, the plans are actually provided by Patriot Health Florida, who requires you to PAY FOR ALL HEALTHCARE SERVICES in advance. Later, you may receive a discount on some of those expenses. “Cinergy Health Preferred 500” is considered an insurance plan, but coverages are limited and descriptions of these coverages are fairly vague on their website. For example, this plan only covers ONE emergency room visit per year. Only ONE preventative visit per year is allowed. Daily hospital confinement charges are also limited to $500 per day and 30 days per year. The Cost And the premium? Try more than $2200 per year for one person and $3800 for a family. The “Preferred 1000” plan offers higher coverages, but at rates of more than $2800 and $5700 per year respectively! Sorry…but NO THANKS! And let’s not forget the dreaded $50 application fee on top of those high rates.

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