Apr 23, 2010

Things That Should be Punishable by DEATH!!

We all know these idiots and the stupid things they do. They may make you cringe and later punch a wall in rage.

They may make you laugh or cry and storm off.

Some of these twits are aware of their crime, others not so much. This is a forum to discuss these atrocities then convict them of their heinous crimes against humanity.

1) Assholes who put cologne/perfume on before they work out.

2) Losers who order a double cheeseburger and a diet coke

3) Anyone who's ever uttered the phrase "do you know who i am?"

4) Clowns who wear a hockey jersey to game in which their team isn't even playing eg: rocking a Canucks jersey to a Flames v Oilers game

5) Knobs who put spoilers on piece of shit cars

6) Airheads who can't figure out how to use a debit machine especially with a line behind them

7) Militant Vegans

8) Assholes who wear sunglasses inside nightclubs

9) Meter Reader Rent a cops

10) Softheads who come to complete stop at a Yield sign

11) Anyone over the age of 30 who has a earring

12) Guys who barley pitch in on the tab and never leave tip money

13) Taxi drivers on their cell phone while your inside

14) Meatheads all steroided up wearing a kids size medium t- shirt outside

15) Chicks with Muffin tops in baby T's

16) Anyone wearing a Leather Ball Cap

17) Anyone with a moustache that isn't a cop, soldier, lumberjack, french villian or gay-bar owner.

18) People who wear blue-tooths while not on their phone

19) White sneakers and black socks

20) People who golf more than once a week

21) Idiots who get "I am Canadian" tattoos

22) Hippies who ride bicycles instead of vehicles for the environment

23) Full grown men wearing WWF T shirts

24) Welfare cases who roll their own cigarettes

25) Clowns who ride crotch rockets in groups of ten like they were real Bikers

26) Any "player" wearing a fanny pack or man purse

27) Blind people who wear vertical striped dress shirts and horizontal striped ties together

28) Drunks who puke in bars, cabs, your floor, on you etc

29) Softball guy who thinks he's in the Major Leagues

30) Strippers who talk while dancing

31) People who camp more than twice a year

32) Drones who religiously watch reality television

33) Anyone who plays Badminton and is not in gym class

34) Fools who tear open boxes in grocery stores to look inside

35) Rollerblader's over the age of 6 who still wear helmets

37) Idiots who talk loudly on buses or c trains

38) People who put tip jars out with little sayings on them like " tipping is not only a city in China"

39) Pricks who hold doors open for you even though your sixty feet away causing you to walk faster

40) Geeks who ride Bicycles on the road like its a car then cut you off and give you the finger

41)People actually want their penny back when its $3.99

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