Sep 14, 2009

Long lost lives......!!

So many times in the last 20 years I have thought back to my friends in school and wondered where they are now. And although I switched school a lot and never really had a friend ALL through school or anything like that there were people i encountered that stuck with me through the years. Lately I have found it to be important to find and catch up with some of these people and it has taken along time to track them down after all these years. However, I have indeed found three of them they are all from different eras of my life and live all over the place but finding them and knowing they remember me and that I too left my mark in there life has brought me a sorta of calming peace and inner grasp on life as I thought I had known it. My advice to you ladies and gentlemen today is if somewhere inside you feel the desire to reminisce don't delay and let others tell you that was too long ago and those people wont know who you are because people do remember and by doing this venture in your life you will develop a sense of personal empowerment when you have accomplished your search. I hope god and friends find you well through your years on earth.

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