Aug 26, 2009

If there ever was...Its now!!

Hi again everyone...My life has been so busy these days I don't even have much time for my blog now that's bad hey. In the last few weeks/months we have went from renting a house to living with family and now we are buying a house of our own. WOW!!! Who ever would of thought that this would be such a head ache..literally. I know it will pan off in the end but the paper work and the inspections and the appraisals and still I cant live in the house till the 19th of September. I cant believe this has to be so darned difficult. Not to mention the kids are way excited to have room to grow and play freely. The house is on 2 acres and its a all brick home with 4-6 bedrooms (depending how you look at it) and 2 baths. Its so beautiful and large and well perfect for us....but in the short run is it worth all the monies being put out to satisfy the lender and everyone else too. Paying for appraisal before i even get final approval is not my idea of fun in the sun if ya know what i mean. I am gonna post some pics of the house below and you tell me. I will try once again to get better at keeping my blog up to date I'm sorry Ive slacked again.

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