Jun 13, 2009

Where our trouble lives lead us

There are so many different kinds of people in the world and I have met my fair share i tell ya. But do you ever ask yourself how these peoples lives really are? Do you wonder what makes them so great together? I have seen relationships fail and succeed just like you all and I have yet to understand how is that people carry on knowing there are people in there lives that have hearts and have hurt over things that have been done or said by they themselves. Do they care ? Do they know? Do they even try to understand? I know that in my life there has been plenty of things between man and wife that was anything but pretty and the regrets i feel to this day well outweigh the outcome of things done and said. And yes i still believe we spend everyday struggling to move on without letting those things hurt us. So what is it that makes life so hard and life events so mortifying? Do we think we are irreplacable? do we really think that the grass is greener on the other side? Many of us know thats only true till we get there. And for the rest it is true...because we started out on the wrong side of the fence to begin with. Have you ever done the most terrible things to the one you claim to love? If so are they undoable and do you still struggle on together even though the pain is undying? And most importantly WHY?

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