Mar 24, 2009

Passions of the nose

When it comes to scent of the nose I tend to enjoy earthly nature. The smell of rain gets me in a mood. It makes me want to breath like I have never breathed a day in my life. Scent How do you enjoy perfumes, you know the ones used for female and male attractiveness either to themselves or the opposite sex. I tend to have trouble finding perfumes that aren't so offensive to my nose. How can you wear something that make your own stomach curl? Something that makes YOUR eyes When it comes to a perfume I have to have something not to sweet not too sour and not too strong. I have not found many of these in the perfume world. However, I have shopped around and found a few like pearls by Avon and a couple other I like a lot. But never more than two or three is in my list of things Id wear. What other smells are there in the world...for me besides rain and those few perfumes. Well I'm a mother does that tell you anything...most of those are the not so much desired by the nose. Scent Sometimes I think about foods I like and I tend to lean towards fresh baked homemade bread. What a fabulous aroma, in fact any homemade breads are to die for in my book. Do you have certain scents you so desire or just cant stop sniffing? When it comes to passions of the nose I just cant refuse to try new things to see if they are the thing for me. Scent


  1. Ok, I might have a strange one. I love the smell of freshly opened bag of strawberry licorice. lol

  2. Oh yes another great smell

  3. Fried chicken, chocolate cake, and chocolate chip cookies get me every time! :-)


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